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About Us!

Started by two former teachers, built on friendship, and run on a shared passion for rescuing furniture!

Our mission began early.  As we lovingly established our own homes, we were always drawn to gently loved, quality furniture, seeing the beauty in a piece despite its age or wear.  Now we are bringing  our love for rescuing furniture to you! Carefully selecting each piece and lovingly hand-painting each one, we transform found furniture into beautiful one-of-a-kind creations!

Our ultimate goal is to rescue carefully curated pieces, both ours and yours. In addition to our own collection available for sale, we offer on-site painting of your own treasured pieces as well.   

We look forward to bringing a little Liberty into your home!

Janet + Trish


Our Part for the Planet

One of the major perks of our “paint job” is the environmental factor. By upcycling pre-loved pieces they become more functional and beautiful than they previously were, giving them a second life. When you buy a Liberty@Home piece, you are helping reduce waste & CO2 emissions – a win for you & the planet!


On The Hunt

We are always looking for pieces to add to our collection, especially antique, estate, and vintage. We'd be happy to purchase your pre-loved, unique, quality furniture.  Contact us for a quote.