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Custom Furniture Painting Services

Liberty@Home is pleased to offer custom painting services.  If you are looking for a one-of-a-kind furniture transformation, send us an email with a picture and we will be happy to provide a rough estimate.  

How It Works

  1. Email us an image or two of your piece of furniture. Provide the measurements of your piece and any other details you’d like to include (ex. colour selection, new hardware).

  2. We will email you back with a rough estimate. Our recommendations, estimate  and timing depend on existing paint finish, new  colour choice and the size and condition of the piece.

  3. Bring us your piece. Final details and quote to be determined on site.

Let the transformation begin!

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Our Painting Process

Liberty@Home takes pride in the level of care that is given to each piece at every stage of the process from start to finish. Before we even begin, each item is carefully chosen for overall look and amount of wear & tear it’s seen.  We then prep & paint. Over the years, we have experimented with a number of products & processes to achieve our signature aesthetic - we love a distressed, slightly lived-in finish. Each item in our curated collection or that we paint for you is given an entirely new life!

  1. We scour the province & beyond curating just the right pieces for our collection.  They are then brought back to our storehouse where we prep them to be “liberated”!

  2. Each piece is first cleaned and sanded to remove any surface dirt and then we clean it  again.

  3. Furniture is primed at least once, depending on it’s finish.

  4. Painting then begins.  We paint 4 - 5 coats for a white finish and at least 3 for black paint. We lightly sand in between each coat to remove any bubbles or imperfections to ensure we achieve the best possible finish.

  5. We then apply the final coat.

  6. The piece is then ready to add a little Liberty to your home!